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Website Performance Optimisation (WPO) is the process of fully evaluating your website from every angle to make sure it is performing at its best. It is a major part of any online marketing campaign because it makes sure your website visitors are getting the best possible experience whilst browsing, in order to increase conversions and customer loyalty.

Most other online marketing services focus on increasing traffic volumes to your website, but what is the point in gaining visitors if none of them are going to convert into a paying customer? Websites that are slow running result in higher users leaving the site quickly, fewer return visits, unhappy users and thus, lost revenue and potentially a damaged reputation.

How We Optimise Your Website

Here at Campaign Tag, we carryout a range of services on your website to make sure it is performing at its best. This is not just to please website visitors, but also search engines. For example, Google now looks closely at a websites load speed and takes this into account when ranking a website.

When choosing us to optimise your website, you can expect a mixture of the following when carrying out our WPO service:

Website Accessibility

We carryout a full website accessibility audit to investigate how your website displays and acts in the various browsers, both on monitors and mobile devices, and make any necessary coding adjustments. To be fully accessible, it is imperative that your website meets the requirements of your target audience and the devices they use and our developers will make sure your site does exactly this.

Usability Audit

Our developers will carryout a usability audit to investigate how easy it is for website visitors to interact with your website. Once someone lands on your site, it is important that they find the browsing experience pleasant and can get the information that they came for as quick as possible. We will then make changes to your site to ensure this is being fully achieved.

Page Speed Optimisation

One of the biggest factors for loosing website visitors is caused by poor page loading speeds. We have all been there – you land on a website, eager to find what you are looking for in a hurry, and you are forced to sit there for a couple of minutes while that big image loads. Worst of all, you find yourself unable to click anywhere else on the website until this image has finished loading. It makes you so mad, that you close the site and look for another website to help you.

Internet speeds are getting faster with the age of fibre optics now here, but there is still no excuse not to pay attention to the speed in which your site is being delivered. Our developers will carryout out a page speed audit and make the necessary coding adjustments to ensure your website is not one that causes visitor impatience and frustration. .

Conversion Rate Optimisation

It is surprising how many website owners pay to have a website produced for their business, then expect to sit back and watch the sales come in. Unfortunately, things just aren’t that easy.

The most important aspect of any website comes down to one thing: conversions. If your website is not converting visitors into paying customers, then it’s going to waste. Our experts will analyse your conversion rates and deploy a strategy to increase this by modifying the areas of your site that cause it to under-perform.


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