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Knowing the search terms your customers are actually using to find businesses like yours is the first step to any successful search marketing campaign.

When it comes to marketing your business online, search engines are one of the first places you need to be. But, simply being listed in search engines is no use if your website isn't being shown for the search terms your customers are actually using. Knowing what these terms are is not a guessing game - there is a lot of science behind it and it takes someone who understands how to do professional keyword research to unlock this insider knowledge.

What Is SEO Keyword Research?

Simply put, SEO Keyword Research or Keyword Analysis is the process of finding out what search terms your customers are most likely using to find businesses just like yours. When someone turns to the Internet to find a company who can provide a particular product or service, they will most likely visit a search engine such as Google to help carryout their search. Depending upon the keywords or keyphrases used in their search query, the search engine will display the most relevant websites with an aim to meet the needs of the user. Remember, these people don't know your business exists yet, so they won't be searching for you by your company name. They will be searching for terms related to your industry and possibly in an area close to their location, such as "graphic designer in London".

Sure, we can all make educated guesses on what our customers will type in to find us, and a lot of the time these guesses can be correct. However, more often than not, there are hundreds of other keywords that we don't think of that people may be using. This is why, when it comes to keyword analysis, it is important to look at the bigger picture so no opportunities are missed. Keyword research helps to find out the most used terms which will enable you to reach the largest audience; and the larger your audience, the more chances you have of converting those people into paying customers.

What Keywords Should I Be Targeting?

The major search engines, such as Google, keep a record of every single search that is carried out on their website. From this data, they know exactly what search terms are the most popular and they make this information accessible to the general public through services such as Google AdWords.

However, professional SEO keyword research and keyword analysis goes a lot deeper than this. Lets say that you managed to find a load of keywords related to your industry that Google says people are using frequently. Is this enough information to be sure that these are the keywords that are right for you? What happens if you are a small local business and the other websites that come up in the search results for the same term are large multi-national companies? Is it wise to try and compete? This is why keyword research must look at a whole host of other factors when it comes to determining what keywords are right for your business. This includes:

  • How many times does someone search for a keyword?
  • How many other websites rank for that same keyword?
  • What is the quality and reputation of the other websites that rank for that keyword?
  • Do any other websites invest in pay per click marketing for the same keyword?
  • What kind of traffic do the other websites get from ranking for the same keyword?
  • What would the potential traffic be for your own website, if you ranked for the same keyword?

Only once we know all the answers to the above questions, can we start to understand how easy or difficult a particular keyword will be. Keyword research may find that the keywords that we once thought were the best, are in-fact more difficult than we first thought or don't generate as much traffic as we initially imagined. Hunting out new keyword opportunities that have lower competition whilst maintaining a high amount of search traffic, leads to a more profitable keyword strategy.


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So, how do we know the answers to the above questions? Well, we are not going to try and tell you that we have some kind of special and magical relationship with Google! We simply have an in-depth knowledge of how the search engine algorithms work, coupled with various advanced pieces of software that can tap into the search engines data and crawl and audit the other competing websites. Once this data is collected, we analysis each and every search term combination by hand to evaluate its effectiveness, advising you on the most profitable keywords to build your online marketing strategy around.

For more information on our SEO keyword research service, and to find out how we can help you devise the perfect keyword strategy, contact us today.

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